Bird Nest Cleaning

Besides selling our bird nest product to consumers, we also provide one stop center for processing raw bird nest.

All our bird nest are hand cleaned and NO chemicals / bleach are used in the cleaning process. This is to maintain the natural goodness of the bird nest and also to prevent harmful chemicals from entering our body when consumed.

Below is a summary of our cleaning process:

  1. Raw bird nest from supplier – this raw bird nest may contain alot of dirt, feathers, bird excretion etc.
  2. 1st Cleaning process – our skillfull & experienced staff will then clean & filter unwanted dirt. This process may take an hour or so for each bird nest depending on how dirty is the raw bird nest
  3. 2nd Cleaning process – the bird nest will go thru another round of cleaning / filtering process to ensure that the nest are properly cleaned.
  4. Drying process – after the bird nest has been cleaned, it will be send for drying before packing and return to supplier.

For more information kindly contact us and feel free to visit our processing factory.

Our price for Bird Nest Cleaning as at 25 Jan 2011

MYR 1000 – 1200 / KG

% loss from the raw bird nest can varies as below:

Clean raw bird nest – 10 – 15%
Dirty raw bird nest – 10 – 18%
Very dirty raw bird nest – 15% – 20%

Below is a sample video clip on our cleaning process.